In 1977 George Kitsios was the first to import used cars from Japan to Cyprus.

He was the Pioneer of Japanese Used Car Imports in Cyprus.

Since then he was involved in the car trading business providing Cyprus market with quality used cars.

In 1995 he focused on wholesales and made Kitsios Motors the Number One Used car importer in Cyprus with 400 used car imports each month!

Through his Japan office he created a website which focused on online wholesales and gave access to Japanese Car Auctions to a number of Dealers all over Cyprus.

His vision was to provide the Cyprus Market with a variety of Japanese cars Make and Models that the Japanese car Industry produced and he accomplished it!

40 years ago Kitsios Motors introduced used cars to Cyprus market and through many hard work and dedication he managed to make Cypriot consumers to trust Japanese Used Cars and this can be proved by the impressive increase in Used Car Registrations from 1995 until today.

These days George Kitsios role in the company is advisory and gave his position to his sons and daughter to continue his work and vision